January 23, 2017


1st area Kichijoji, Musashino


Elder Michael Riggs

The dentist and a really good week!

So this week is going to be titled DENTIST, dog, new people and a baptism! So the whole tooth accident happened to me two Thursdays ago when we had sports night. I was playing basketball, and since I'm so tall I don't have to jump like everyone else… However, someone else jumped and I took his elbow to the mouth! That's how everything broke! And so from the last time I talked to you guys I have been to the dentist two times. The first time was for a check up. I don't know why the dentist said to wait 6 months to fix my tooth! After the check up they said everything was fine. Then the next day I went to floss, and after I had extreme pain. Then today I went in and had a root canal to take care of the tooth! So I'm getting it taken care of now and not in 6 months. So they started with it today and I have a nub for a tooth until about Friday! Then I will have it all taken care of. But now it doesn't hurt so that's an update on my tooth.
Now on to everything else! So we met more people this week and are hoping they will become potential investigators. Also we went to visit a potential investigator and he wasn't home, but there was a dog. So we went over to pet it. That was a bad idea because he just about got my leg in his mouth. He got my companion's hand though. Not bad, just a little blood!
And yes, we are finally having a baptism this Sunday at 2:30. This will be my companion's and my first!
My Japanese is coming day by day, but I'm still working hard and trying to improve as much as possible. I'm still frustrated but not giving up.
That about wraps up my week and hope you guys are good! Thanks for everything you have done for me.

Love Elder Hatch

P.s. I have pictures from last pday which we had a zone p-day which was a game day with wheel chairs, chopsticks, scavenger hunt, and sticky arrows. Yeah.


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