January 16, 2017


1st area Kichijoji, Musashino


Elder Michael Riggs

Being a missionary can be rough

The zone splits were good!! I was just being over-sensitive!! It was great. This week was an eventful one!! I did the split and it was so fun and after he said that I did good!! I loved it!! This week was an okay one it was difficult but it got better as the week went on. I do have a lot more pictures from this week.
We moved our investigator's baptism date until a week later because he said he wanted to be able to make for sure that he was not going to smoke anymore. He has already gone a week without smoking!! So he's doing great!! But that is all of the investigators we have. We are always looking for more.
I also had the chance to go home teaching and got to know a family in our ward!! I'm getting better at doing that and getting to know people in my ward! They are so nice and so understanding that my language isn't the greatest. The people In my ward are awesome!!
I also had a basketball accident!! So I kind of broke my tooth in half!! And might have to get a gold one!! I don't know for sure. I have to go back in Friday to get and see what's up with that. So if you see a big withdrawal from my account that's what it's for... because the church doesn't refund that stuff!! I also have to get my retainer fixed and also could you send some more music, like some Owl City because I can listen to that kind of stuff!
Otherwise I'm doing great and healthy for the most part and everything is fine...except my tooth. But this week was good. So I had this weird meal last night with this guy that came to the church. So we went out to do missionary work and he calls us and said that he had a meal for us! And this guy was weird, he waited an hour for us to come back. He had two tables full of food!! And he was telling us that beer and wine were good for us and said that the prophet said it was good for us... he was weird!! He fed us a lot of food though. He had like half his belt off his pants and walking around and he was just one of those guys that you know something is wrong with his brain.... but yeah that wraps up my week. Oh and also we had a zone p-day today, and we just played a lot of games... but it was fun!!!
Everyday I'm trying my best and not giving up. So yeah I'm doing well and here are some pics of a park we went to and some ramen and rice I had with meat and cheese and it was sooo good!!! Anyways hope you guys are well and having fun.

Love Elder Hatch!!


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