November 30, 2016


The MTC in Provo, Utah


Elder Nicholas Stevenson

Thanksgiving Service

These are some of the pictures from this week. Hahahah- just for laughs. This week was an eventful one. We did do the service project on thanksgiving and had a general authority come and speak to us. We also had a lot of devotionals and had a celebration of thanksgiving at the end of the day that was really cool. I was in it and I was saying what i was thankful for. And then we went and saw the lights that had been set up. It was cool. I have pictures of the lights in this email. Also this week I have used no script in lessons at all. I also have like a week and a few days left here and I had a question. Will I need my social security card in Japan or not? Also are you guys sending me the throw away phone? If not could you give my your phone numbers so I can call you when I'm at the airport because i have forgotten your phone number?? Also one more thing, did you ever know Sister Sendes that is going to japan? Because she knows you and says that you were at youth conference and she was your supervisor.
Hahahaha she wanted me to tell you guys that. Also we did two deep dives into the scriptures as a zone and with my mission president. It was cool and interesting.
That about wraps up my week thanks for the packages and your prayers and love.

Love you guys


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