October 26, 2016


The MTC in Provo, Utah


Elder Nicholas Stevenson

MTC life rolls on

Thanks for the letter. That is very courageous that he was willing to share that. I saw the pictures and will save them. Yeah it sounds like you guys had a blast up there! I wish I was there but I'm doing other work. I can't believe two weeks have gone by! It's insane and we are getting new people today! Hahahah it's going to be fun. So this week was long and hard. But I got through it. I went to the devotionals and they are pretty good. The one I went to last night was great. It hit me in a spot that helped me out the most. My favorite part was that the Lord will be with you no matter where you are or what you are doing. It just gave me comfort in knowing I'm never alone. My language is coming a long better. So one thing that we do here is have practice investigators. So our first one and second one we were to commit to baptism. That was exciting. My district is doing great and all. My day really consists of waking up and going to class and then meal time and class and then more class time. Another thing that happened this week was that our di-sempai ( missionaries that have been here for 9 weeks) shipped out to their missions. That was hard because I became close to some of them this past week. I have pictures from that too. My studies are going well. We are all pretty much adjusted to this life. The food isn't nice at all. My roommates can attest to that๐Ÿ˜‚ one of my roommates absolutely hates anything that is gross. He has a 20 pound bathroom bag and wears a bottle of cologne a day. But that about wraps up my week. I will keep in contact this week.

Love elder hatch.

Ps. I loved the pics and Cayden's letter. ๐Ÿ˜‚


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