September 16, 2018


6th Area Yamate A in the Yokohama Zone


Elder Ballard

Keeping my head up but feeling very tired

This week... what did I do... well we didn’t have really anything new other than we had a lot of contact with our investigators, and now we have some meetings set up. Other than tha,t I don’t have anything really to say this week... I just have to say that I wake up and by 9, 9:30 I’m tired and ready for the day to be over. I’m just always tired and getting a little irritated with things. Being a missionary is fun and all, but I need a break and get back to reality, ya know? My Japanese is slipping a little bit, at least it feels like it, and I think it’s because my brain is tired and I’m tired, and when that happens my everything doesn’t work.

My health is okay.... my stomach is okay I guess. It still always hurts every morning when I eat and stuff. But like the doctor said, I have some digestive stuff going on.. so I will blame it on that for now.

My companion and I are okay. He just thinks he is all that sometimes and I guess that’s how I was when I first got to the mission field so I give him some slack.

That’s all for the week basically. I’m tired and just pushing forward this last little bit! I'm just stretching myself out a little further and see what happens ね! I will also try to keep my head up and not get down and rip myself a new one. So yeah that’s my week, only 3 more to go! Lol 😂




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