June 3, 2018


5th Area Yokota A in Musashino South


Elder Ethan Low

Contention is of the devil

Okay so this week was pretty cool. I got to see a pretty good amount of miracles, and we had a lot of meals with members! So to start it off, I get transfer calls today, and I will figure out if I’m staying, going, training, becoming a district leader, or staying the same. I will talk about that more later.

Well this week was another tough one for the books. We really didn’t teach anyone, and our people we were teaching went back to the states and the others aren’t responding. I think it’s because they are busy, and I get that, but we want to meet with them. Oh well it’s really up to them if they want to learn or not. So we will wait!

We had our Japanese class that we taught which was alright, and then we had an English class ( that was interesting this week) and we made it fun somehow. One thing I forgot to mention is that basically all these nights we had meals with members. So going onto the military base is fun but also not at the same time. I just get a little freaked out by Americans sometimes. What I mean by that is just how they talk and dress and just a lot of stuff that they do is so weird to me! I still have culture shock because I spend days talking in Japanese and talking to Japanese people. Then on Sundays and in the evenings I go on base and talk in English. I can tell you right now my English sucks! Like I don’t know how to talk to Americans when I try to stop them on the streets. I say hi, and I’m like I don’t know how to go into saying what or who we are. It just sounds unnatural for me to say it in English. It’s so weird but it’s true! I would almost rather speak Japanese to them. I’m a joke!

The ward is doing well. I think they have warmed up to me and accept me. It’s a good ward but will be changing due to the people leaving from Japan and new people coming into Japan so we will see how that goes.

Okay enough with that. Let me tell you a good/funny/weird story that happened yesterday. So I was getting done with second hour when a ward member and this Japanese guy came in the room. The Japanese guy I’ve seen before but I don’t remember where. He said the same thing to me! But we go and have a “lesson” with him and ask him what’s up! His name is You. s. He told us that he wants to change his life (by not drinking and smoking), and so we have this long conversation about how it’s bad and crap like that. (He also wanted us to find him a job ,and then he said that I knew exactly why he was here!) He said he wanted to go to America and go to the marines, and then he said he’s seen the devil and ghosts in his dreams and that his life is all messed up. He doesn’t trust, like or want to follow God. He just wants to get money. It turns out he was a Tokorozawan less active Church member. We told him that we can help fix his life and it’s through the message we had for him. That was not the answer he wanted.

So he kept saying he had a lot of pain that he didn’t want, and we told him again what to do to get rid of that pain. We told him by reading The Book of Mormon and praying it would get better little by little! He could not get his head wrapped around that, and he said “No, I can’t do that. God has betrayed me; he won’t help me! I asked for help and he didn’t give me it!” And so at that point we were sharing scripture after scripture and experience after experience to get it through his head! Well, it ended up with me getting a little fired up and putting it to him straight, all in Japanese! We gave him the option of learning again, and he told us no! So we told him okay man! If that’s your choice, we can’t help you any further if your not willing to show forth some effort. We told him when church was on Sunday, and he’s welcome to come, but we were done there. I knew right when we walked in together that something was wrong and that he didn’t have a good spirit about him. It was weird but I felt it and could see it. So yeah that was my weird story for the week (well one).

The other story is about these two women asking me if I wanted a “massage,” and in Japan that’s one way of them being a prostitute. So I had two people ask me if I wanted that, but I was like nope get away from me!

Okay now I will get to the miracles! So yesterday was where we had a lot of little miracles! We took the train to this place called Nakagami, and on the train right there I talked to this guy and asked him a question in Japanese, and he answered it. Then I talked to him, and it turns out the he doesn’t have interest in English but more in Jesus Christ. Unfortunately I had to get off of the train, so I gave him a pamphlet and our flyer with our number and hoped he would call.

Then we housed into this woman, and she had some interest in the gospel too. So we talked about baptism a little bit and the gospel of Jesus. So the sister missionaries will be doing a follow-up visit with her!

Then we knocked on this other door and had a good conversation with the man. He might be coming to our Japanese class since he was American. But that about wraps up my week. Thanks for the mail. I appreciate it.


p.s. We had a meal with a Spanish Japanese member of my ward! And man, this next transfer is going to be when I become a district leader and a trainer! Lol 😂 I’m so happy and ready!


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