January 28, 2018


3rd Area Tokorozawa in Musashino north zone


Elder Walter

Learning to act on spiritual promptings

It’s been okay this week. We had a bunch of splits again. So this week we had a lesson with our investigator. It was one of the most spiritual lessons I’ve had on my mission. The reason for it is because I think it was the Spirit working through me, and it was just great.

Up to this point on my mission I have had struggles. There have been multiple times where I just am not sure about a lot of things. I have had a a lot of times where these things have come up in my mind and it bugged me so bad. So I did something about it. I have been humbled so many times on my mission, that’s it not even funny, but I just keep going and somehow it works out. Recently I was studying and was so depressed and down on myself. My companion and I have had some not so good moments together lately. I had my feelings hurt bad. But anyways when I was thinking on what to study and what I need to study, I decided to pray about it. Then right as I was praying (right before I dozed off) I heard a voice say go two above (the section I was reading), and the section was about faith. I studied it and read it and read some scriptures. I learned that I needed to increase my faith in Christ. So I took that as a prompting, not wondering if it was true or not, and went for it. So I’ve taken that experience and started paying attention to the Spirit and having faith that I could get promptings.

And this week has been a good week. Why? Let’s go back to the lesson. So during that lesson, I received an overwhelming love for this area I’m in right now, my investigators and people I talk to. In that lesson I just listened to what he (the investigator) was saying, and I just looked at him straight in the eyes and told him what I thought he needed to hear. He understood and we had a special bond in that lesson I can’t explain. But all I know is I acted on promptings that came to me in the lesson and it went great. What I want people to know is that literally whatever we go through and whatever shoots us in both of the freakin' knees, we can recover and become better people--people we are supposed to be.

I’m beginning to love my mission even more and understand what my patriarchal blessing says is true, and I’m starting to see little things here and there that are changing me and adding to me as a person. I’m going to miss the Tokorozawa area so much. I have been here a short amount of time, but this is one of my favorite places! It will have a special place in my heart forever!

Side note: I will be going to Hachioji and I will be with a companion that is half Filipino and half American. Also I got new glasses for not a bad price because I broke my other ones (or more like they were on their last leg). So that’s what is new about me. We also got about 6 inches or more of snow here and more on the way I think. (I have some other stories about that later), but it’s cold and windy and biking sucks! Language is coming along and so is everything.

Elder Hatch


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