December 10, 2017


3rd Area Tokorozawa in Musashino north zone


Elder Walter

Immersing in the Japanese language and culture.

This week... what did I even do... I honestly have no idea what I did. All I know is that I saw some sick Santa clause people this week. Lol but this week was good. My stomach fixed itself a little or I don’t know what happened... but anyways I’m a little better now and doing actually great for once in my life. For real I’m doing well! We are finding people left and right to teach and just having fun. Elder Walter and I work so well together. Just imagine if two white, huge, and tall foreigners came up to you and talk in your own language and all. It literally is the funniest and best thing ever.

The only thing that really has happened that was exciting this week was that we got to see a huge crowd of Santas doing community service when we were doing service too. It was so funny because while we were doing service we asked them if they knew the answers to any of the Christmas questions we had written on our white board. They knew them and we gave them candy. The funny thing is that they came up to us and screamed (they were mostly girls-go figure) and about hit us in the face and like about kissed us. I was like, ummmm okay but please don’t. Lol it was hilarious.

We found a new investigator from that Christmas blitz, which was another good thing. Oh, and speaking of investigators, we inherited a new one from the other Elders in our apartment. He is so fun and loves basketball which me and my companion love, so we get along really well with him. I did know him from before, because people have put in a good word about me when it comes to basketball and just being a cool guy. So hopefully I can work my magic with this boy and dunk him.

Speaking of our investigator, we got to go to sports night with him in Kichijoji and play basketball. It was so 久しぶり!I loved it because I haven’t played since like last year when I was there. It was a highlight of my week.

Speaking of Kichijoji, I have been there like three times this week. Why? Because we are getting ready for the Christmas open house and Christmas in general. And I am in the choir singing a bunch of songs from a lot of different languages and all. It’s so dope but so annoying at the same time. Yeah I hope it's worth it in the end.

For me that has been most of my week. Also we have been taking a bunch of mirror selfies because there is a mirror in the elevator in our apartment complex, and they are so funny. I will send them. We are just having fun cooking a lot of food (I am) and a lot of sweets( by me and the Japanese Elder). We are just doing well. It’s been fun. But that’s it. Language is progressing very well and getting more and more fluent as the days go on. I am trying to speak Japanese 24/7 with the Japanese Elder and just do a lot of things or everything in Japanese. I’m also trying to get myself as deep into the culture as I can so I can become fluent and just understand the Japanese people better. I’m also doing that with my language. I’m stretching it to know everything and anything. It’s working, and I’m actually enjoying myself and enjoying being on a mission.

Elder Hatch

Ps: I got the package and didn’t open the one that was wrapped. Thanks for it I really loved it. And loved the tie.

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