November 26, 2017


3rd Area Tokorozawa in Musashino north zone


Elder Gilbert

Thanksgiving with the zone

This week was interesting. We first started out with a zone P-day last week that was Thanksgiving-themed, and we got together and played games and ate chicken and potatoes and had fun. We also sang karaoke and I got up and sang, let’s just leave it at that. I just love making fun of myself sometimes because it makes people laugh.

Then we had a district dinner too on Thursday and just had fun, well at least tried to. There has been a lot going on in our district. For example ever since I got to Tokorazawa I have felt something off in the district. But I talked it out and we are somewhat better but still something is off. We talked it out a million times and couldn’t figure it out. So we just talked one more time last night. But we did it with different companions and just talked about it for like an hour or two and finally came to a conclusion. So we were going to have another meeting to talk about it. So this week has been a whirl of emotions. The reason for it was just because everyone didn’t understand the rules and took obedience to a new level and it was insane. All I can say is this transfer was one of the most stressful transfers of my life. But whatever... I worked my butt off with this transfer.

I’m still alive, and I now know the reason for this last transfer was probably to prepare me for something in the future. So I’m going to get ready.

So this transfer is ended and guess where I’m moving? Kofu! The most country part of our mission! It’s actually been my dream to go there because it’s just so cool and pretty! I can’t wait but don’t want the train ride. It’s like a 3-ish hours train ride. It’s going to suck. So I’m excited and hope this will be a better transfer, and this is going to be a 9 week transfer, it’s going to be so long!

I got a good companion, his name is Elder Allen and he is cool. We will get a long pretty well together. So that’s been my week, just fighting and fighting and not figuring out what’s going on. Just kill me but it’s over and happy. So sorry this week had nothing exciting or interesting. And sorry it’s all over the place it’s just been a hard week so よろしく!


p.s. Jokes I’m staying in Tokorozawa. They have two Elder Hatches in the mission and they messed up. But I’m staying in Tokorozawa sorry for the mistake.

p.p.s. Also my new companion is elder Walter instead of Elder Allen.

p.p.p.s Also my new companion is Elder Walter instead of Elder Allen.


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