November 17, 2017


3rd Area Tokorozawa in Musashino north zone


Elder Gilbert

Trying out being trainer.

This week was not really eventful... just the same things. This week all we did was go on splits with the other Elders in my apartment, and to be honest that was the one highlight of my week. We also visited a member and taught a family home evening with him, and that was good.

We also visited a member at his work and ate at his place and talked with him a little bit. It was okay, but not my favorite place to eat. But I sucked it up and just did it.

Other than that, we had English class and that was weird and crazy like always. I try so hard to make it fun so I hope that people think it’s fun. So I always am crossing my fingers.

Other than that I just have had a boring week. Two things happened this week that are worth sharing. First, yesterday I got to go on splits with the NEW missionary for a little bit while my companion was with the other missionary at the ward council meeting explaining something for Christmas for the ward. So I was a “trainer” for like two hours. But in that two hours we found like 3-4 people either interested in English or the gospel message. And needless to say, I was able to talk and explain and basically do everything and even had the new missionary talk. Yeah, that was a miracle.

The next weird story was when I was with the Japanese Elder on splits. By the way, the Japanese Elder (Elder Sakae) is my favorite. We get along so well. So we found this less active person on the phone and gave him a call / text and asked if we could visit. So as we're eating dinner, he calls and asks if we could meet now. We were like what ever. So we made the 30-min bike ride (very short) to a train station to meet him. We got there right on time and looked for him but he was nowhere to be found. ##so When we found him he was like are you guys Mormon?? And we are like yes... and then he was like oh I’m ( his name I forgot) nice to meet you! Nice to meet you too. Then we got to know him, and then asked him what he believes. He went off on a science rampage of how we don’t need god and everything so we tried to explain using scriptures and everything, but he was like nope I don’t need that and don’t believe in that. He also told us he hates the scriptures and everything so yeah that was a fun conversation that I understood but really had no answer to, because I was like, "I don’t like science that much, and I can’t go into deep doctrine. And who am I kidding, I can barely understand regular doctrine? So that was fun and we probably won't visit him ever again. So yeah that was my week and hope you enjoyed it.

Love Elder Hatch.

Ps:Llike I said before, if there is any Christmas stuff you want to send me or put money on my card or whatever, send it before this month is over please. The mission office has told us to tell you that. So yeah. Sorry if it’s rushed... thanks.

Pps:I have to get my retainer fixed again because it broke... Ugh I hate Japanese dental stuff and just dental in general... so just a heads up.


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