October 29, 2017


3rd Area Tokorozawa in Musashino north zone


Elder Gilbert

I think I'm turning into a Japanese cook

Hahah this week was just the same as last week. But this week we did some things. We had our Halloween party, a ward lunch, visited a member, held English class and had zone conference in Kichijoji.

We had our Halloween party on Friday, and I was so excited for that because I could talk to people. So we went and it was going well until this guy came that had called us. I was like cool. So I talked to him and built a friendship, like you're supposed to. Then he mentioned that he went to some missionary events and I was like cool we have Family Home Evening this Monday. I invited him and then I went to tell my companion that we have someone coming to FHE, which I was happy about. But he turns and me gives me this like "your stupid" look and says we will talk later. I then thought to myself, no we are talking about it now! So I made him tell me, and he said we shouldn't pursue this situation because he has met with president and president says he doesn't need baptism. So we don't need to focus on him. I was like who told me that? That's right nobody. And so he made me just feel like I was the idiot. Whatever!

So now on to the other part of my week. So yeah I also had zone conference, and that was good. I learned some stuff about working with members and setting new goals and learning about Christmas stuff too. That was cool.

Then Sunday we had a ward lunch, and so that was good and got to talk to some more people. At least I tried to, when I wasn't eating. That went well and the food was good.

English class was cancelled this week due to zone conference. So we didn't do that this week. But this next week we will.

Other than that it's just typhoon after typhoon here. We had another one last night and it was fun but a lot of rain. I've also become better friends with this Japanese Elder in my apartment named Sakai 長老 and so I always speak Japanese and English to him, and we are more similar in interests and having fun. We get a long well.

I've also spent a lot more time in the kitchen because Elder Sakai loves to cook, and I want to learn more. I'm always helping him cook and learning at the same time. The bean chan( new missionary) and my companion don't know how to cook. I know enough to get me by, but now I'm learning Japanese-style. He loves when I help. (Oh Dad) you will be proud of me. We bought some steaks today, and I am preparing them because nobody knows how but me. So they are sitting in some sauce and salt and pepper and garlic powder! You should be proud of me for that.

Other than that. I've learned more Japanese and have no problem when I have to speak. I've gotten over that fear. So yeah happy about that! I still got a "badish" cold and now a lot more people have it in my apartment...not from me, but from me and Elder Sakai.

That's my week for ya. Sorry about the beginning but yeah... I'm doing okay. Just holding on...

One last thing. We got Line. It's an app that every Japanese person uses. A lot of them don't call, text, or Facebook. They only use Line so we have it now. I don't know how to use it because this is my first time ever hearing about it.

Thanks for all your support and prayers and teachings. I've seen some come into play and had to use some of the same ways.

Elder Hatch


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