October 22, 2017


3rd Area Tokorozawa in Musashino north zone


Elder Gilbert

Tokorozawa, meet Elder Hatch

Yeah this week was just so freaking busy and stressful! But I'm so happy I'm done with it. So I moved to Tokorozawa, and this area is a four man area! I'm pumped about that because I have never been in a four man before. It's always been a two man ,and I'm so happy I'm out of a two man. It was way way more stressful in a two man because you have to do everything twice as fast and it's just so annoying, but I'm out of that and so now I'm happy in my new area. My new companion is Elder Gilbert.

This week I had to say goodbye to everyone in investigators and members. That was a little sad because I was there for so long. I will probably be back sometime in the future. Well maybe, but I don't know. So everyone was kind of surprised, but not really. I actually got the feeling that a lot of people in that ward didn't really ever warm up to me. But whatever I'm in a new area.

But switching gears... everyone here is way more friendly. Everyone is like, wow your Japanese is so good, and I just felt loved! That was kind of a first.

This week we have been up and down and busy and not. All of his has caused me to get sick-like a bad bad cold. I have been coughing for a week or so now and just so tired. I might be getting better, but I still don't know. So yeah this has been a "typhoon" of freaking emotions. Lol

The last thing I would like to say is that we had a typhoon, and all is good. It rained like for a week straight, or longer. It sucked but it's over now.

The weather is still like fall weather and everything is getting better. My Japanese is getting better because I have a Japanese missionary in my apartment. Also I'm eating well because the Japanese Elder knows how to cook good food.

This week was mostly about transfers and not a lot of stuff happened. We just did a lot of calling of people. So yeah and sorry it is very short but that was what we basically did.

So yeah peace! βœŒπŸΏπŸ€°πŸ€°πŸΏπŸ‘‘

Elder Hatch


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