June 27, 2017



Bury Me With It

​This week we had a few obstacles so not a ton of work was done. My poor companion was super sick and couldn´t work ​which was a bummer. Poor guy, but the good thing is that he´s feeling better now so we can finally get out and get stuff done!

Big miracle happened this week, so along with trying to get the branch more involved we had a family home evening in the church last friday. Trying to get families together and bring their friends and whatnot. We were super worried that we wouldn't get the attendance or support we wanted and when the activity started, nobody was there...... haha but Argentine's are late to most things so after a bit a ton of people showed!!! Had like 20 people there and it just came together so nicely. Really excited about the direction the ward is going in.

THis week is the last on of my comp. Elder Card goes home after this so trying my best to keep him focused in our area and not thinking about his girlfriend, or school and whatnot! Fantastic missionary, but it´s hard for everybody not to be distracted. Today we went to one of his old areas, a place ive been before and saw some familiar faces.

Other then that not a ton happened this week. Mainly tried to figure out how to get my comp better and studied a lot. Love you all. Try to do something nice for someone you dont always get along with.

-Elder Christensen


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