June 20, 2017



Bulldozers on High

This week we had a lot going on in the mission, haha like lots of stuff. Oh also i got hit in the face with the end of a jump rope and had a nice fat lip for like the first half haha.

I got to go to the temple this week which was soooo incredible. First off i love the temple of Cordoba, it´s by far one of my favorites. But temples are just such a blessing in general, i always feel so blessed and love when i get to go. Seriously helps me so much. We had a mission conference with all the missionaries inside the providence of Cordoba. There are so many new missionaries it´s crazy. I think like 70% of the mission has less then a year, so tons of potential for us to grow! But the conference was amazing. Started working with this new family. Familia Calderon, super cool family, the dad is a star wars fanatic. What a guy.

Im gonna get real with you guys, this week wasnt the easiest. But the miracles are coming i just know it!!! Like yesterday we had a splash in our area. Where like a bunch of other guys come out and you just contact the streets super hard. We met a ton of super cool people, and people really intrested in our message. I went out with Elder Sasser, just a baller of a missionary and it was a really good time. Love him. Then after the splash we had an asado, where you just grill up a ton of meat in the street. There was this new missionary and we convinved him it was an argentine tradition to eat a raw egg at your first asado and he did it hahah. he was cool with it though.

Today we went to the beautiful city of Rio Ceballos, gorgeous place a little out of Cordoba. Beautiful hills rivers ect, and visited some people. Really want to serve out there one day. Love this church, Love my savior. Going strong. Love you guys.

-Elder Christensen


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