June 6, 2017




Alright guys its been another crazy week here in Argentina, so much stuff goes on its hard to believe its only been a week. Time flies but like so much happens. Work is going great here in los boulevares, meeting tons of people and doing lots of stuff.

We had interviews with President Correa this week, that was super cool, such a cool man haha he treats me so nice. Um so funny story, just some stuff that happens here but we were walking by this kid at the bus stop and he stepped back and falls into this hole hahaha it was the funniest thing ever. He was fine and we helped him out but it´s just this hole in the middle of the road.

Something that we´re learning fast is that in this area we have to work with the members. As fun as contacting is....... we wont find solid investigators. So we´ve been trying to get the ward pumped up about missionary work and its starting to pick up some speed. Had a Noche de Hogar (FHE) last night with a member and some investigators and that was sick and then today we played Fútbol with some kids we met in the villa.

Sunday we had a huge lunch with Familia Cayo, there´s this super cool group of kids and adults, some members some not. But clasic argentines start cooking an hour AFTER you get there haha. We made empanadas and they were so good but after fasting and waiting 2 hours for food i was dying haha.

So last night as we were walking back late at night in the cold we found this poor little black puppy. He was all my himself in like a trashy place and just freezing, so we took him home and we´re helping him out and gonna find him a family. We carried him home put him down and whats the first thing he does? Diareaas like all over the floor hahaha still love him. But we{re taking him to a family tonight so its all good.

Everything is so great here. Love all you guys back home, hope everything is going great. Feel free to write me about anything. I love hearing about everyones lives. Love the gospel.

Elder Christensen


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