May 30, 2017




Well guys i´m back!!! Honestly it is so insane to be here and i am so grateful for this place. Haha the mission has changed a lot.

So transfers happened and i ended up getting sent to los boulevares which is an area a little outside of Córdoba and let me tell you it is amazing. Also i got set up with one of the best missionaries out here, Elder Card from Alpine utah, un capaso. We have the task of blanking an area that before now was consitered "dead". There havent been missionaries here for a bit so we´re opening it back up. Haha its been fun trying to get to know the area and the people. We have been working sooooo hard this week finding new investigators. Contacting and talking and teaching everyone!! Im so glad Elder Card is a trooper because it´s been some long days haha.

Argentina celebrated it´s independence day last thursday so we had a big party in the capilla (chapel). They made the famous locro they eat every holiday which i´ve explaned before as a weird soup thing with different beans, meat, mundungo (cow stomach) and a bunch of other good stuff. It was probably the best locro ive had in the mission. The branch had a great turnout with tons of people showing up. We had kareoke and i lost at this game so i had to go up and sing "baby" by justin beiber haha but no worries my comp spotted me on the rap.

So one day we were out contacting, not having much luck and just getting shut down or finding crazy people (like this one guy who told us we were contacting wrong and needed to anoint with oil and bless the house before we contacted it..) anyways a few lessons fell through and we were out of luck. Said a prayer asking what we needed to do. I just wanted to get out of the spot we were contacting so we took off running through this huge field, like half a mile till we came to some houses. Feeling super pumped we started hitting it hard and just got shut down sooooo hard by everyone. And then lost for like an hour. Finally made it back, showed up late to a lesson we had with this amazing guy Franco we found a few days earlier, and just had the most amazing lesson ever.

Lots of times we ask for stuff in faith, try doing somthing and we feel like it worked in the opposite. But if we honestly and humbilly seek for what we should do from god, he will prepare us through trying us and then after we´ve proven ourselves he´ll help us out.

Honestly im just so grateful to be out here as a missionary. To have this opportunity to represent our savior Jesus Christ. I feel so honored to be able to place his name on me everyday and really take it upon me. The work here is so important. These people i serve are my everything, i´d do anything for them. Love all of you guys, thank you for all the support and love.

-Elder Christensen

p.s. oh also today we went to cosquin, like this little city in the mountains to visit some people. Took the train for 5 pesos and i just love Argentina. Soooooo beautiful.


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