September 6, 2016



Edit The Sad Parts

​Some of you may of already heard this, but today i came home from my mission. ​Um, still cant believe it. Haven't fully processed it yet. Did a lot of talking with the president, about some things i hadn't cleared up before my mission, and came to the conclusion that it would be best for me to return for a time.

It's something that's very difficult for me, but i understand that these men are called of God and know what is best for me and best for these people, but this time is something i need to use to my full advantage. To really set everything perfect so i can get back out and use the best of my time to help these amazing people. Kills me to have to leave Argentina and all the amazing people i have met. Already miss the people, the place, the food everything a ton. But i also understand that this is an opportunity to clean up everything that is hurting me from being the best missionary possible.

I have a full certainty that i will be returning to Argentina to serve and complete my mission. I still have a ton of people to find and help, just right now i'm not at my full potential to help them. These people deserve the best, and for that i'm more then willing to take some more time to prepare and be that missionary that they need. I know it wont be easy, i know satan will try his hardest to keep me from returning.

God has a plan for everyone of his children. It's important for us to accept that plan that he has for us, because it's what we need and it's what other people need. I will continue working my hardest to serve everyone around me and always serve. I have full confidence in the plan of God and if i accept His will that everything will be great.

I was able to baptise Julian before i left which was AMAZING. He has such a strong testimony and desire to follow this road. He understands everything perfect. Bore his testimony on sunday and gave the most amazing testimony on how this church has changed his life already and how much love he has felt from this gospel.

I know that this church is true, that we have the opportunity to progress and be better people. With the atonement and with our faith we strive for perfection. Which is hard for such unperfect people, but thanks to this plan, we can find joy in all manner of circumstances. I have a strong conviction that this is the right road for me and through this i can prepare to be the missionary that god needs and be a better instrument in his hands. I love the church and i love all you guys. Thanks for all the support and love. Les amo!! Nos vemos Argentina,

Elder Christensen


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