August 29, 2016



Semana-34 Blue Cadet -3, Do You Connect?

This week was kinda a bit hectic but a really turned out good.

Busted through a lot of work, trying to secure our baptisms for the weekend. We really wanted a lot of people to show up to help Amelia and her daughter feel welcomed. So we passed by a ton of people getting the word out about the baptisms. Having some trouble remembering what happened out this week. I´ll just tell you guys about the baptism.

Basically what happened is we showed up early Saturday morning to start filling the font with water. Left to help a family move and came back like 4 hours later, 30 minutes before the baptism and the font was basically empty. Like a half foot of water... Went like locos with buckets throwing bucket after bucket of water just trying to get the thing high enough to baptise. Got the water like 3 feet high, super small but still enough to baptise. But in order to baptise them we had to have them sit down and then kinda shove them under the water. Was rediculous but even still the spirit was really strong. Amilia and Lucia both were impacted by their baptism and it was a beautiful experience. Calderon and I played a cool musical number with our guitars. Like a cool medly of songs, instramental and such.

Saturday night we had a big activity with the primary, getting a ton of kids together to play games and eat candy. We dressed up like clowns with paint, rediculous suits, wigs and everything and spent a good time playing with a ton of kids. Changed and took a few pictures with paint and our suits. And walked back to our pench like that, like 15 minutes getting a ton of weird looks.

Missionaries here are a lot more involved in the ward. The wards arn´t very big or secure so the missionaries really make a big difference in the ward and all the organization. Been working a lot with the members getting cool activities organized for people to share the gospel with their friends and such.

I dont know if i told you about Julian but he´s a guy (22) who showed up in church a few weeks ago, just out of the blue. His dad just died and he has a huge desire to be a part of the church. Super friendly amazing guy with just this huge drive to help people and get closer to god. Been working with him a lot. Gonna play some futbol with him today. Love the kid though.

Just been trying to stay busy but productive. The mission is such a limited time to work and change. Trying to make the best 2 years i can. Love you all.

Elder Christensen


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