August 15, 2016



Semana 32- Blame Yourself

It´s been one crazy week here in Alta Cordoba, a lot of stuff has been going on and the week did not turn out how we expected, but we´re learning a lot. So something new we´ve been doing a lot that´s been working is dealing a lot with the members. This area is extremely difficult to find new people to teach so almost all the people we find are through the members here. Building trust with the members has been crutial and really focusing on the needs of the investigators. This week we didnt see a ton of success, worked super hard but we dont get what we want, we always get what we need and what god wants. Hard to understand that at times but it´s true and we just gotta keep our heads up and work hard.

I´ve been taking a lot of time on personal reflection lately, looking at myself, looking at the things that i need to do to work with god better. We got to have a conference with the General Autoroty here in soutern sur america. Elder Texera, and he really helped me put a lot of things in perspective, and some things i need to change. Really cool to talk to people like that, because we can learn so much from them.

We got to do a splash in Jesus Maria to help out the sisters there in our district. A super tranquillo town about an hour outside of Córdoba. Worked a bunch there, contacted a full, and were about to find a bunch of amazing people that have been prepared to hear the gospel. Was a super cool day of work, and definatelly full of miracles.

We found an amazing guy this week. He was baptised in Peru and come here to Córdoba about 2 years ago. He´s been inactive for all his time here and we found him contacting. Invited him to church and he insited that we walk with him all the way to the church that instant so he could come this sunday. Walked like 30 minutes to the church and it was so cool to see the peace and comfort he felt. This sunday he brought his wife and newborn daughter to church, and they just had the most amazing experience. She isnt a member but knows the church is true and has a huge desire to come.

God likes to give us moments in our life to learn a grow. I definataly feel like this area is going to help me learn and grow so much, in the way that he needs me to be. I´ve been trying to center myself a bit in what the lords wants lately. For sure an adjustment, because i´m a person who likes to do everything myself, and in the way i want too. But god knows better and always does things that have kinda forced me to change in the past, but if i line myself with his plan and not try to always fight it, my life changes a lot more. Sometimes pride is a huge impedimento that stops us from progressing. If instead of fighting it at times, we just got with it and let him take a turn steering out lives, we´ll see amazing things.

Love you guys, let me know if you need anything. Thanks for your support.

Elder Christensen


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