August 8, 2016



Semana 31- Blame it on the Tetons

Alta Cordoba. Finally got to check out this cool little area and i think i´m really gonna love it here. It´s a completely different place then my last area but that´s just a new opportunity to work this place. It´s like all city, lots of big buildings and fancy people.

My new compañero which i forgot to talk about last week is Elder Calderon. He is a great missionary from Santiago, Chile and it´s been really cool getting to know him. Very excited for the opportunity to work with him. Really good teacher and we´ve already begun to see some success.

Saturday we walked by a plaza and saw a big croud of people gathered and a nice smooth hip hop beat. Went to go check it out and found a huge rap battle. A ton of kids going in and spitting average raps. Met a few really cool people there.

This week flew by, we had a lot of cool lessons and met a lot of great people. With the olympics going on there´s a lot of excitement, especially with a Chileno and a Norte Americano so we´re able to use the olympics to talk to a ton more people which is a really cool opportunity. Honestly i feel more attatched to Argentina so i´ve been rooting those kids.

Funny spanish mistake. There is this elder here, a kid from Utah who messed up a phrase pretty funny. So toilet paper is papel higienico but this elder was calling it papel
unigénito. Only begotten paper.

Prettymuch all that happened. Excited to get to know this area more and start baptizing.

Elder Christensen


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