August 1, 2016



Semana 31- Black Cadilacs

Well the time finally came, and i finally left the good area of Renacimiento. Broke my heart to leave all these good people but also it´s time for me to move on and find those people that need me. I just want to thank everyone there for everything. I learned and grew so much there and it will always have an extremely special place in my heart. The people there are so special and i have been impacted very much by them. Also would like to thank my companion Elder Garcia for the amazing transfer and the opportunity to learn and serve together.

I want to give a special thanks to a family there that impacted me immensly. The family Buyo. They have changed my life completely and i feel honored to have gotten to know them. Saying goodbye to them last night was extremely hard, there were a lot of tears and a ton of love. I will always consider them as my family. They have no idea how much of an impact they had on me.

The cool thing about leaving an area is you get the opportunity to start freash. Clean up those little things that impede you from growing as a missionary and getting another chance to learn. I am so excited and blessed to be serving in Alta Córdoba. I´ll be living the city life preaching to a totally different type of people which is super exciting.

Extrememly grateful for the opportunity to serve and grow as a missionary, and every change is an opportunity to do so. At times it´s a bit difficult but if we take everything that comes our way as a blessing, we´ll have pretty great lives. Love all you guys.

There´s a lot of pictures up on my blog with all the amazing people that have changed my life. Check it out.

-Elder Christensen


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