July 11, 2016



Semana 28- Beta Carotene

I dont know what happened to last week. Feels like i was just writing yesterday but thats okay. Here i go.

So we`ve been spending a bit of time in Itzusango for various things this week. We went to a house of investigators and they live on a pig farm (cerdo`s). With a ton of wild kids. Seriously just played with kids and animals for like an hour, doing cual care cosa. Playing with kids is by far my favorite part about the mission. Oh yeah, and we got to ride back to our area in the bed of this guy`s truck. Like 10 miles on the interstate.

My comp tault me how to make churros, so we made a bunch and brought them to a Noche de Hogar with some inactives to eat with cow fat with bread and intestines. Made empanada`s caseros this week too.

Yesterday we left our pench really early to go looking for investigators to bring them to church. Basically what went down is nobody ended up going. It`s really hard to see all the evangélico churches completely full, and then come to our little ward barley filling the first 4 rows. But our members are such troopers, they work harder then anyone i`ve seen and have incredible faith. It for sure keeps me going. God always provides, if we continually work and put up our best. Love you guys.

Oh yeah, a hippie in the city gave me some dreads off his head today. Sorry no pictures, i didnt touch my camera all week.

Elder Christensen


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