July 5, 2016



Semana 27- Barnacles

So i know im writing on a tuesday, trucho. Yesterday we got stuck our in Santa Rosa and couldnt get back till really late so that`s why i`m writing today. But how is everyone? Had a good week?

A lot of things have been falling through lately but it`s not discouriging us. Wow i cant spell anymore. But the lord has been helping us out a lot, and if we keep going with faith, something good is gonna turn out. I`ve been trying to "purify" myself a lot this past bit. Just looking over everything, and filtering out the stuff that itsnt making me a good missionary. One thing i`ve started is working more with our recent converts, because those guys are amazing.

Last tueday we were messing with our water heater trying to get it started. Elder Sandall and I. Apparently it had been letting off a lot of gas into this space in our ceiling so when we lit it up, there was a huge explosion in our roof and a huge fireball. Rattled the windows and everything. We both thought we had died but shockingly we were both fine. Oh yeah, i lost my plack a week ago in a members house playing with a kid, and we searched everywhere and couldnt find it. She gave it back to me on sunday but guess where she found it. In the kids diaper...

Yesterday we took a super cool trip as a zone to Santa Rosa. Such a pretty place, honestly so gorgeous. A huge lake with these cool cabins and such. But elder Ware and i saw this sweet dock way out in this lake and were determined to get to it. So we found an old windsurf board in a shed and took it out there and hung out. We also played American Futbol for the sake of the 4th of July. Something i didnt know is that Latinos dont know how to play football. Almost all our missionaries are from South America and we explained them the rules but they were so confused the whole time. Running around doing the funniest things. I think they walked away from playing more confused then they came. But it turned out really fun.

Working hard, talking to everyone, loving everyone. The life as a missionary is the best life. I love serving my savior. So grateful for this opportunity to be a missionary. Love you all!

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