June 6, 2016



Semana 23- Autumn Beds

Hey guys, this week has been great just like all the rest! Running out of time in this translado and with elder Gomez. Honestly, time moves way too quickly out here, you always feel like you dont have enough time, but hey, that`s life for ya.

We have just been working a lot this week, seen some miracles, got shut down a fair amount too. We had a nuts futbol game last night (which my favorite team won) and so everyone today is going crazy in the streets. Everyone takes futbol so seriously and it`s amazing. We dont have anything close to this in the states. You can legit get kicked out of someone`s house if you arnt from their team.

We got to go to the temple this week, and that was such an amazing experience. The temple here is sooooo beautiful. It reminds me a lot of the Gilbert temple. We got to go through and do a session. But we were there to watch some converts of Elder Weller get sealed together. Let me tell you, there is nothing more beautiful then watching a family get sealed together for all time and eternity.

It`s starting to get real cold here, nights are really cold in our apartment. I have so many blankets to keep me warm. It`s really weird to hear about all you guys swimming and in summer break because here it`s like fall. All the leaves are falling and whatnot. I dont have much time to write today so catch you all later! Have a cool week, love you all.

Elder Christensen


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