May 31, 2016



Semana 22- Australopithecus

Sorry i`m writing a day late, we got stuck in La Cumbre yesterday without money and got back too late to write so we`re doing it today during the siesta.

What a week! First let me fill you in on a really bad error i did this week. So we had a baptism this Sunday and were planning on doing it right after church., So i went and filled the font, but i forgot that it was already parcially filled from another baptism the night before from the missionaries in San Vicente. I didnt realize that until halfway through sacrament meeting when my comp asks me how filling the font went. We rush out and my comp makes it halfway down the hall before slipping in a bunch of water. I had FLOODED the hallway and water was pouring out of the font. We had to rush and clean it all up in front of all the members looking like idiots. But the baptism was super pretty, Maria was so excited and happy.

We did a lot of adventuring on P day and went out to check out a bunch of different areas. Wow Argentina is beautiful! We checked out this huge statchue of Christ like the one in Rio on top of this mountain. I havent been able to see much of Argentina, but wow i cant wait to check out more.

Haha Elder Ferrera came over to our apartment to try and fix the electricity and light but the only thing that happened is everytime we touch a handle to turn on the water we get shocked. We are without hot water, electricity, clean clothes, but so happy just to have this opportunity to serve the lord. Honesty this would bug me before mish but now, the only thing that matters is the people.

A thing for you guys to remember is a lot of the time we feel insufficient, like we fell short. But we need to remember that if we try our best heavenly will make up the rest. When we feel like we didnt do our best, it usually is our best. Just gotta trust in the lord, a lot.

Love you guys! A ton more photos and some letters on.

Con Amor,
Elder Christensen


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