May 16, 2016



Semana 20- A Life Of Arctic Sounds

Good Morning Arizona!!!

It´s been such a crazy week. Just want to start off with how much of a stud my comp is. We have been working nonstop all week. Talking to EVERYONE and just putting all of our trust in the lord. We´ve been seeing some really great success and growth here in Renacimiento.

We´ve been teaching this amazing family and their little girl turned 2 this friday so we went over to her party and spent an hour making balloon animals for kids. But we didnt know how to make anything so we made some pretty cool abstract pieces for them. I made this one kid a sword and he would not stop hitting me with it. The kids of argentina are so cool. THe little girl had such an amazing night and that was so great to see.

So the houses here, a lot of them the people have made themselves. With like concrete bricks and a tarp roof. These houses will be like 20 feet by 15 feet and have everything in the same place. A bed, kitchen, bathroom, shower, everything. ANd like 8 people will live there. We were teaching this lady in her house, It should be in an episode of hoarders but there were mice all over. You could see them crawling all over and hear them EVERYWHERE. THat was the worst part. And the poor lady had a cockroach crawling on her the whole time. Living in Argentina is legit like camping. The showers have been brutally cold so i´ve started boiling water that i can mix with the ice cold water and clean myself.

Something I think of everyday is how unqualified i am, how unqualified all of us missionaries are. We´re kids with such a huge responsibility. But so was Joseph Smith. A boy of 14 years old and almost no education, with the responsibility to restore the church and translate a book that has the capacity to change lives. God works through the most unqualified people to change lives and manifest miracles.

This week has been great. Loving the work and more importantly loving the people. They´re my everything.

Con Amor,

Elder Christensen


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