May 2, 2016



5-4-3-2-1 Lisp Off

Huge thanks to my dad who has been sending this out, but i know he`s busy and stuff so i`m gonna take care of sending out.

So first off I lost my voice super bad this week. So i`ve had a super sexy raspy dark voice. But that hasnt stopped me from talking to every person i possibly can. My spanish is getting better, i`m finally starting to be comfortable with it. Like i can just talk what im thinking and whatever. I`ve been super blessed and its super cool.

Yesterday was an Argentina holiday and they have this tradition where they all make this food called Locro. I was like super stoked to have it because it`s imfamous. They only eat it like twice a year for special occations. A member family invited us over to lunch to eat and celebrate with them and they set a huge bowl of Locro in front of me......... It was the nastiest lookin food i have ever seen. It was like soup with corn and beans but they put the worst meat in it. Like the stomach lining of a cow, the intestines (not cleaned super well), Liver, and a ton of other stuff i didnt know what it was. I finished my first bowl and was like, okay i got that over with. People dont usually give seconds here because they dont have much food, but of course this time the sister asks me if i want seconds...... haha, but it was a good experience, classicly Argentine.

Alright kids, i`m really regretting not paying attention more in seminary. Because i dont know doctrine near as much as I need too. So i`m working super hard to catch up.

We have a baptism next week so that`s really exciting. This kid is such a stud, investigating all of it by himself. and he`s 11......... The kids here really are so special, i love them so much.

Have a fun week, do something cool.

Elder Christensen


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