April 25, 2016



Semana 17- 3rd Planet

This week has been great, i have definately seen the hand of god this week. The faith and prayers have been paying off. We have had some trouble finding people and the last two weeks was a lot of trial and error, but this week we found some amazing new investigators! I`ll keep you guys updated on them. But I have been so blessed with my investigators and converts, they are seriously superstars.

I know I told you guys about Michael, the 12 year old brother of Milagros. So last week we were stopping by, and he always insists to give us mate cocido and dulce de leche, but he comes out of his room, face gleaming holding up a white shirt. The people here usually arnt able to afford church clothes, and he was just so stoked to wear it this week. He has been going to church by himeself a lot because Milagros is getting really sick and his mom needs to stay and take care of her. So he walks the mile to the church by himself just so he can be there. Such a stud. He always sits by me in sacrament meeting and it`s just the sweetest thing. I gave him a tie this week and tault him how to tie it. He doesnt have a dad to teach him, which breaks my heart. But I love this kid to death, I could go on talking about how special he is for hours.

Our church foundations class is going really well. I`m actually able to teach gospel concepts in spanish for like an hour, but all that credit goes to the spirit which guides me in what i need to say. I`ve gotten super into object lessons lately because i think they`re just so fun and easy to explain the concepts.

I have been so blessed, i love all you guys. Talk to you next week.

Con Amor,

Elder Christensen


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