April 18, 2016



Semana 16- 3 Inch Horses, 2 Faced Monsters

So i shaved my head, dont know why. Kinda just did it, but its fun. Yesterday at church all the kids were feeling my head and cracking jokes about it. I loved freaking out the members in my ward with it. But at church i`m literaly like a human jungle gym, there`s always kids jumping on me but i love it. I play with kids nonstop here.

We`ve been washing our clothes out of buckets because our laundry machine broke. It`s not really washing though, just making your clothes smell less gross. I`m on like a 2 year camping trip, that`s what it feels like.

I got to go on a super fun intercambio with Elder Agreda in Intuzango. It`s this huge area and so pretty. It`s been raining all week so we got rediculously muddy and wet. We hung out with one of my favorite families here and walked all over. There was this sick village we found way deep in the trees, with the poorest conditions. I`m pretty sure we were the first missionaries to find it because the people were scared of us. Thinking we were from the CSI there to bust them for something. Made a great new contact with a lady who lived with her 10 dogs. She told us how she had been praying for messengers from god to come and help her, and there we were! But she was seriously an amazing lady, such a sweet spirit was there in our lesson.

I love the place i`m writing from. Its so funny, we go down this sketch alley and knock on this steel door. Then this guy makes sure we`re not cops and lets us in to email. He smokes like 10 cigaretts an hour so when we leave we always smell like we`ve been smoking. But now i know where to go if i ever want to hack the pentagon or anything. jaja

Challenge for you guys. Look for only the good in people this week, ignore everything bad because we all have bad aspects about ourselves. But I promise if you do that you`ll have such a greater capacity to love people.
Love you all. Suerte.

Elder Christensen


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