March 28, 2016



Semana 13- Cowboy Dan

So my comp had his birthday this week and there are 2 foods he absolutely hates. Liver and soup. Well he was super excited for his special birthday lunch at a members house and guess what they made him. Their famous liver soup. haha He was so mad. But it was cool because I did a surprise asada for him that night and he loves that stuff.

Well thank you all for your prayers. Saturday we had such a beautiful babtism of Mili and Michael. Mili came in sooo excited and gave me a big hug. I wish you guys could of seen her. So Mili`s full name is Milagros, which is spanish for miracle, and i just love that because she has been such a miracle in my life. She has gone through so much, and it just the sweetest girl in the world. She`s my little princess.

So a ton of the work we do here is reactivating inactive families. That was the case with Mili. So in the family it is a single mom, 2 sons Michael and Adriel, and Mili. When we first started visiting them, the mom was really put off and didnt like us visiting because she had a bad experience with her missionaries abondoning her directly after baptism. So we had to do a ton of trust building with them. Also Michael is such a stud. He`s such a smart kid and we are like best buds. He always comes and sits by me at church and we draw pictures and stuff. He reminds me a lot of my little brother. But the baptism of Mili and Michael was so cool. Not many members showed up, but I got to sing and play guitar for a special musical number. Something i wouldnt of done if Michael hadnt asked me too.

Oh yeah, something kind of funny I learned this week is nobody here in south america believes we went to the moon. Random thing, but I think it`s kinda funny.
Well thats all to report for this week. Love you all!

Elder Kyler Christensen


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