March 21, 2016



Semana 12- Always Rains On A Picnic

Hello family and friends! I hope everyone is doing great, and if not shoot me an email.

So this week we went to have lunch with this lady and no joke she is like 105 years old. The sweetest lady ever, so tiny and fragile. But the thing is.... she has really bad memory problems, so the entire lunch was her asking us what our names were and where we were from! THE. ENTIRE. TIME. Like seriously 45 minutes, and everytime i told her my last name she would always go, ¨como?¨ and i would repeat it again. Jaja

Also something to mention about here is there isnt dinner. People just eat really big lunches. So instead of dinner appointments with members it´s always lunch appointments. Oh some intresting things i ate this week was cow stomach and liver. Both not amazing but okay.

Yesterday we had a baptism set up. Filled the font with hot water which is a hard process, had talks all lined up, and people from the ward there. But our investigator never showed up. We tried to visit them but they wernt home, hopefully we´ll be able to work it out but it was really hard to tell everyone that the baptism was canceled.

I need your guy´s help, like bad. So we have this inactive family that we reactivated and in this family is the most special spirit, a little girl named Mili. Mili is 9 years old and has had some very seviere medical conditions. She only has one lung and is always hooked up on a machine. She wants to be babtised so badly but lately her condition has been getting worse, and she is getting close to dying. We´re hoping for a miracle. She always tells me that she wants to be baptised before she dies so she can live with god, which breaks my heart. But she is so brave. We have set up a babtism for her this saturday in hopes she will make it through the week and be well enough to be baptised. So i need all of you to pray for Mili. Pray for her to have strength and faith enough to be well enough to be baptised.Please.

I love you all and that is pretty much i have to say for this week. We went exploring around the city of Cordoba today and that was fun. It´s been a rainy week which was amazing because it´s been so hot! Oh also we had stake conference yesterday. It was so weird because the entire stake is smaller then my ward back home. And its a huge area the stake encomposses. Sorry for my bad spelling, i dont really speak english anymore. Love you all so much!!

Con amor,
Elder Kyler Christensen


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