March 14, 2016



Semana 11- Pups to Dust

This has been a really good week. Today we had an amazing pday and were able to go off and go paintballing. It was at like this super cool abandoned factory type place and sooo fun. I have some pretty nice welts.

Oh yeah, so this week something pretty scary happened. We did intercambios where you go off with another missionary and switch it all up and stuff. But this week I was set up in my area with a new Peruvian. So it was going to be an entire day in an area I dont know super well because the roads here dont have names because they`re like all dirt and stuff. Speaking a language I barley know with a kid who just got here. It was a lot to put on me and I was honestly so terrified. I was certain I was gonna mess everything up. So the night before I got this huge map and planned out the day so much, and the whole day i carried around this HUGE map of the area. Seriously like 5 ft by 5 ft, looking like an idiot with this ginormous map. I didnt get lost though and were able to teach some really good lessons. Just a good example of how much faith the lord puts in us young kids with very little life experience.

One of our baptisms, not babtisms (thanks Bre for correcting my bad spelling) this week fell through and that was rough. They were making a ton of progress and then their evangelical pastor told them a bunch of crap about Mormons so we lost those investigators.

On like Friday night there was a huge party in the street. Like seriously 50 dudes with drums pounding out sick beats and a bunch of poorly dressed girls dancing. It was pretty crazy to see. Nothing really super exciting really happened this week. Just trying to work harder and harder everyday. Time is going by fast and its scaring me because i wanna get more done in the time I have.

Everything is going great here in Argentina. I kinda forgot a ton that happened this week so sorry about that. The church is true, mate is good, love you guys.

Con Amor,
Elder Christensen

p.s. also new pictures up!


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