March 7, 2016



Semana 10- Life Like Weeds

It´s been a fun week.

So in South America there is this cool thing about the houses. All of them have these sweet hang out roofs. Like stairs that go up and then the roof. So you can just chill up there and drink mate and such. 3 Days ago i went up to our roof to study and shut the door behind me. When i tried to get back in the handle like broke off and i couldnt get the door open. I knocked forever but everyone was studying so they didnt hear me. I was stuck there for like an hour until I finally decited to do something. I´m looking all around for ways to get down. It´s like a good 15 feet down. So I climb over the bar thing, shimmy over, leap to my neiboors roof, then to a barb wire fence, then climbed down. Haha, so fun.

We had another babtism yesterday, that went really well. It was a kid whose family we´ve been teaching. The kids here are so funny, like in the United States the kids learn english like we learn spanish. And they love to practice on me, but like our spanish, its not very good. So you´ll walk up and say like hola and theyll respond with, ¨goodbye¨ instead of hello.

An amazing missionary tool that i´ve seen here is every Thursday night we put on a big futbol match with tons of kids from the neiborhood. We do it outside the church and there´s a few member kids but they bring like 4 non member kids. We say an opening prayer and a closing prayer and play futbol (soccer). So many families and kids know about the church though this. It´s amazing to see these kids invite their friends and be such good missionaries. Missionary work can be easy guys!

I was in my apartment this week and there is this sketchy wire hanging out of the wall. I thought there was no way it was live still so i had the dumb idea to touch it and got shocked so bad. I just stood there for like 30 seconds after just like...WHat was i thinking.

The people here are my everything. Especially the kids here. I feel like they are all my own kids. Family is such a big thing here. Like everyone in theyre little shacks lives with their parents, uncles, stepsiblings. It´s so confusing to remember how everyone is related. We didnt get a ton of lessons in this week, got turned away by sooo many people, but we got to do a lot of service for people which is also amazing.

Sorry if my letters are kinda jumpy. I just love being out here and have too many stories and things to say. I love you all.

Elder Kyler Christensen

sorry no pictures this week. i dont take my camera to most areas.


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