February 22, 2016



Semana 8- To many fiestas for Reuben

OH hi. This week was great, I´ve honestly never been happier. Even though I´m so confused all the time and never know whats going on. It´s just the best.

So my comp talks in his sleep, like a lot. He´s this funny Brazilian surfer dude and super cool. He doesnt speak english and Spanish is his second language so comunicating is tricky. But we have fun. anyways. So this week in the middle of the night he sits up in his bed, still asleap and yells "BAUTISMO" (Babtism) sooo loud, then just lays back down. So freaking funny.

Um so I do this thing since my spanish isnt very good when anybody asks me a question and I have no clue what it is I just say "Si". It´s a pretty clever trick when it works, but this week we were teaching a family. Without realizing what I had done I told this mom that I was going to marry her daughter 27 year old daughter Macarena. So this whole week while teaching them has been some pretty awkward vibes between me, the mom, and the daughter. It´s been so awkward, but the mom gives me food and stuff to take home so its cool.

One thing I never realized before I came here was how many lightning storms there are. There´s like 3 a week and when they happen, everything just goes insane. The rain comes down like i´ve never experienced and within minutes the roads are flooded with like a half foot of water. The power has gone out like twice this week, but most people here dont have power here anyways. We´re lucky we have it. Its so fun, we just get soaked to the bone and covered in mud and stuff. And plus it makes everything so green! This place is like hawaii or something.

We´ve been in the main city of Córdoba today and that has been super cool. Its basically like 50% Europe, 25% New York, and 25% South America. It´s such a pretty city and so green. There´s a cool river that runs though the middle, and i never realized how big the city of Cordoba was. Like so big. We went bowling and a huge mall which was cool. It´s weird coming from the really poor area and now being in the big city.

The work has been going great, we found 12 new investigators this week which was amazing. I got to give a talk on Sunday to the ward, that went well. I talked about the importance of members in missionary work. It´s so important. I´m seeing missionary work in a whole new light and its so cool. We are blessed with this amazing gift of the gospel, and its not like it´s limited. You dont share the gospel to 5 people and end up with 1/5 of what you had. God´s love is limitless and it is our responsibility to share it. Everyone is our brother and sister and we need to bring them to this amazing knowledge that we have. Even if it´s embarassing, or uncomfortable. It is important, and everyone can share it.

Love you all, everything is going great here. Keep being examples to all around you. Thanks for everything everyone has done for me.

-Elder Kyler Christensen

p.s. I´ve probably seen 50 cockroaches in my apartment this week


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