February 6, 2016



Week 6- Dramamine

Crazy week, and even crazier to think I leave in 2 days for Argentina. I could not be more excited!

So there is this lady when we go to the temple, she calls herself big mama. She is this old super cool Jamacian woman, who gives all of the missionaries their temple clothes. Big Mama has this gift where she looks at you and knows exactly your size. You walk in and she'll be like "Size 10 shoe right?" and if you say it isnt the right pants size or something she goes "You dont know what you want, Big Mama know what you want". When you walk out of the changing room she'll whistle and be like "I told yall, big mama knows best." She is such a crack up, and last week she made us spagetti! i'll miss her.

Something kinda rough that happened this week, was my companion, Elder Watchman went home on Monday. He had been struggling and decided that it wasn't his time to serve and went home. So this week i've been a solo missionary. Which has been hard. He was like a brother to me so it was sad to see him go and hard to go to Argentina without him. But I do know that weather out here in the field or back home, he is always a missionary. His testimony is so strong and I am so grateful for the opportunity to have gotten to know him and serve and teach with him. Hopefully he'll come back out and i'll see him in the field! God has a plan for him.

A really cool experience i got to have was I was walking around the MTC and I ran into Brian. He said he was looking for me and wanted to tell me that he had set up a date to be baptized! So he'll be getting baptized March 12. I could not be more excited for him! We talked for a while and then had to part ways, which was sad. I'll never forget him and he's gonna go on to do amazing things.

The MTC has been an amazing experience for me, not at first but it helped me learn and grow so much. I feel ready to get out in the field, and get to work! I love all of the people in my district, over the past 6 weeks we have gotten so close and are like brothers and sisters. I am so lucky to have met them.

On Monday i'll be leaving for Argentina. I wont actually get there till Tuesday morning. There's like 24 hours of travel or something. We go to Atlanta, then Buenos Aires, and then finally to Cordoba. I still have a lot of stuff to get done, but i'm ready. I hope everyone is doing amazing, and I love writing to you all!

Con Amor,
Elder Christensen


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