January 23, 2016



Week 4- Sugar Boats

This week has been legandário. I hope everyone is doing great, and i love getting emails and hearing about what's going on in your lives. I have so many amazing experiences to share from this week, too much to share but i´ll start off with a funny story in honor of my friend Elder Orton who leaves monday for paraguay.

So this wednesday our district got to be hosts for the new missionaries which basically means we stand at the curb, wait for a car to pull up, get their bags, take a picture of them, and then watch their crying mothers drive off. Heartbreaking. Elder Orton, the goon he is decides to dress up all "special". We did a photoshoot before so check my blog pictures to see what he looked like. So we walk up to the first people arriving and Orton after getting the bags and letting this kid say goodbye goes. "Here at the MTC we run everywhere" in like this high pitched voice. and takes off running with the kids bags, and the poor kid so confused running behind him. haha it was really funny. thats the story.

Haha my mom is gonna get a good laugh out of this...but sinse i'm kinda terrible at laundry when i was pulling out my clothes last week i had turned 2 of my t shirts pink! So now for gym i'm rockin my cream pink shirts. :)

Lessons this week have been amazing, we teach like 2-4 lessons a day, mainly to members for practice but also to Marcos, and Brian. I'll tell you more about our experience with Brian this week. Spanish is getting better, its frusterating when you're trying to explain something and you cant quite grasp the words.

So with Brian this week, I have had the most amazing experience. He has requested that only me and my companion teach him so we get to have him all to ourselves. haha, we meet with him like 4-5 times a week. Everytime we go to the TRC office he is there early sitting in the little room on the edge of his seat with a big smile. When we teach him, he hangs on everyword and is absorbing everything like a sponge. He's asking questions about all these different topics and doing all the things we ask him to do. Brian is one of the most amazing people I have met, he has such a sweet heart and i'm so luck to have met him. I can see a light growing and growing in him as he makes an effort to pray and read the Book of Mormon. So good news, Brian knows that this gospel is true and wants to be babtized. He's a stubborn guy though and wants to make sure that he switches his life before he does so. He has been such an example to me, he told us yesterday that he told his friends not to drink, or smoke around him because he wants to follow the commandments. When we tault him the commandments he was scared that he wouldnt be able to dance. haha, but we assured him that dancing was allowed in our church. He is grasping all of these consepts, even tithing and such. He has such a sweet heart, and a love for this gospel already. "I know that keeping the commandments will be hard at first but i know how much it will benefit my life and my family's life" -Brian. His brother is a member and that's how Brian got involved with the TRC, and i'm so excited for him. I cannot express my joy in how happy i am for Brian, I seriously love him so much, and have a better understanding for how god feels about us. I am so grateful to have been blessed with this opportunity and understanding of the gospel.

Marcos is still doing great, and still plans on being babtized. I'm gonna be heartbroken when i leave in 2 weeks and are gonna have to trust other missionaries to continue teacing them. But I know where they're hearts are and I know that they desire to be a part of this amazing gospel. I'm gonna be really sad to miss their babtisms.

Of all the questions I have pondered here, the most important one is why 4 square isnt an olympic sport! haha, here at the MTC we get the most exciting intense 4 square games. That game is unforgiving, and very personal. I reccomend playing it when any of you go to the MTC.

Okay, one more story. So I was teaching a member and trying to say that i was tired. So the word for tired is cansado. But there is another word casado, which means married. One letter difference, so when I told her "i'm married" she goes "not youre not!" and i go "no seriously, i get up at like 6:30". haha then she explained it all to me and i felt so dumb!

I love this gospel so much. And I just want to talk for a second about faith and how it is so important in our lives. Not partial faith but 100% faith in our savior to know what's best for us and why things happen. Having that faith and understanding can be the greatest blessing.

Love you all, hope everyone is doing amazing.

Con amor
Elder Christensen


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