January 9, 2016



Week 2

Things in the MTC are going great! It's crazy to think i've only been out here 10 days, it feels like months. Ive been working so hard and learning so much. The progression in myself is incredible, I feel so blessed to be given this opportunity.

Sunday was really, cool. We do everything in Spanish here and its amazing how quickly everyone is able to pick this up. The gift of Tongues is real and I have already seen it in my life. Its so cool to be teaching a lesson in spanish and speak some words you dont even know what they mean. I love how strong the spirit is even when i barley speak spanish and they dont know what im saying half the time.

I started teaching a new investigator named Brian. He is a student at UVU, about 25, and he has the biggest heart. He doesnt speak english but is here in Utah because he wants to go to school to become a teacher for mentally handicapped children. We have been teaching him almost every other day, he has been reading the Book of Mormon and we have felt the spirit so strong from him.I love him so much.

Elder Kent had his birthday this week so we had a little party with sparkling cider and chips and salsa and such, it was pretty cool. We also got a sick nerf hoop in our room to help de-stress ourselves. We did a temple walk on Sunday and that was fun. My camera died so i didnt get any pictures but i'm going to the temple today so ill send some next week.

Kinda funny story but we were teaching Marcos about repentance and the atonement and there are these 2 words. Pescado-fish and Pecados- sins. but anyways I was talking and didnt realize till after, that the whole time I was telling him that we need to repent for out fish. Its not the first mistake ive made and no where near the last. Other then that spanish is going really good.

I figured out that all of our class time for the 6 weeks, if it was a minimum wage job that I would make $3,500. Seems like a lot right? NO, i would pay so much for for all the things I am learning. A mission has been such a blessing already, and I have learned and progressed to much as a person. It feels like ive been here a month, and its stressful and you have to work hard but at the end of the day its all worth it. Every effort that we put in to better ourselves, and serve god, we are blessed. God is so close, it is so amazing to be here and see his hand in everything, everyday.

If you have time go to Mathew 25 and read the parable of the talents. Apply it to your life. Make sure that the talents and skills the lord has given us go to waste. And the reward will be great. I love and miss you all.

Yo se que la inglesia es verdadera.

Con Amor,
Elder Christensen

P.S. We challenged Marcos and he is getting baptized in a few months!!!!

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Kyler Christensen says:
Props to Hermana Bell for the photos. Theyre in my pictures thingy. Thats my district. Also thanks to everyone who wrote me or sent dear elder's. They mean so much to me :)
on January 9, 2016

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