February 13, 2018



Fly Trapped In A Jar

There´s been a lot of stuff going on this week. Um starting off we had a super cool conference with Elder Christofferson with the missionaries. He actually served here in Córdoba, but it´s been 3 years since an apostol has come so we were super excited to recieve him. And then on sunday he came and spoke in our stake.

So we´ve been working with a few families who have a lot of problems. It´s incredible to see how hard satan is working to rip families apart and sad to see how much success he is able to have. I´m just glad to know that God is stronger and that his gospel is crutial to keep families together, forever. I love this gospel and the power it has.

Also this week is Carnival and lots of people are going nuts in the streets. They throw lots of water and flower on everyone, it´s really fun.

Also this week i found out that Tia Norma is getting baptised this weekend so i´ll be heading over there this weekend to see that.

The last week we´ve been working with this group of amazing kids. Theyre such good kids but have rough families and want to help a lot. Yesterday one of them, Dillan, came running up to us because he wanted to give one of his friends a booklet, love these kids. Love you guys

-Elder Christensen


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