January 9, 2018



Exit Does Not Exist

This week was good, worked a lot. Also had a conference of the mission which was really cool.

Today we got to go to the temple with the zone which was super nice, something i defenately needed. I love the temple, going helps you so much, it like recharges you. Also we went to this place called Club de la Milanesa. And ate a milanesa twice the size of my head.

Norma and Jenny are progressing a lot, what i love about them is they always ask a ton of questions and it`s weird because a lot of times what we teach them it`s almost like they already knew. They absorb everything perfectly. We tault them The Plan of Salvation this week with a member and it turned out super good. After we finished i asked he what she thought about the plan and she was like. ¨To me it seems perfect, noone other then god could come up with this¨. But i love them a ton!!!

Also yesterday we were doing an intercambio and i had a super weird impression to head wayyy down this street and knock a house. We met a super cool girl who was super intrested so we`ll see what happens. Also are working with a lot of other people.

Also i want to just say how much i love President Monson and how grateful i am for his teachings and all of his service. He is such a good example of a disiple of christ, always serving others. Lets try to be a little better guys, serve some people this week.

Love ya,
Elder Christensen


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