December 18, 2017



Duke`s up

So our P-Day was changed so im writing on a monday.

This week was really cool, we had a baptism on Sunday for Ludmila. Her mom is a member but has been inactive for around 4 years, found them a few weeks ago and they are super amazing.

We also found a super cool family this week, Flia Fernandez and we`ve got a ton of faith in them!! Their daughter approached US in the street to give us water because this week we hit 109 degrees F. But they have family that are members and really like them.

Also had a big ward activity on Saturday, lots of investigators and members showed up, it was super cool. Ate a ton of pata flameada and had a cake contest. I was one of the judges, ate way too much cake.

Satan thinks he`s really funny. Every lesson we have when we get into the most spiritual part, something always happens. Wether its the neiboors turning on loud cuarteto music, or a massive dog fight in the street, or a kid throwing up, like every lesson this week something happened. Haha but im just glad the spirit is able to testify to these people, it`s a gift im so grateful for. Without it i wouldnt be able to do anything as a missionary.

Love you guys a ton, have a super amazing christmas.


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