October 24, 2017




We kinda have had a really crazy week.. It´s always hard for me to remember what all happens.

We had to do some interviews in Anizacate, love the missionaries over there, such studs. Also this week we did intercambios with the assistants. Worked over in Arguello with them and met this super cool guy, he had one of the most humble homes i´ve ever seen but was the nicest kindest guys ever.

Okay... so last night we were at our pension around 22:00 and we heard a huge crash and then a lady screaming, so i took off running to go see what happened at our neiboors house. Showed up and this lady had driven her car through the wall and run over her mom... Her mom was unconcious trapped under the car and her daughter was absolutely hysterical. We had to get some other guys and we literly lifted the car over to get her out.. Checked her pulse and breathing, and she was okay but this lady was in her 80´s. Ambulance came, praying she makes it.

There was a lot of things going on this week which kinda kept us out of the area. But with the time we had to work, a lot of stuff went on. We have been teaching this family, the mom´s name is Diana, she´s like 26 and has 2 kids. We found her about 2 weeks ago but she has already started changing a lot. She told us that the moment we walked in her door she has felt different, and everytime we´re there she can feel this good burning in her chest. She is such a stud, she reads the folletos we give her out loud to her kids, and just is really changing her life.

So the coolest thing to see for me in the mission is people who come from really dark past completely change because of the gospel. There is no way the church is not true, with the power it has, honestly it´s incredible to see people change.

Anyways, crazy week, love you guys a ton, have a super good week! Also took a nasty spill on a titer totter haha. sorry no pictures this week

-Elder Christensen


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