October 10, 2017



Custom Concern

Super good week, tons of stuff going on.

We had some fun intercambios with the guys of Santa Rosa, they came over and we just spent some time blowing up the area, finding tons of new people and talking to so many people. Man i love the Argentines so much, i love talking to them, honestly they`re a blast, you guys gotta come down here.

Also this week we had to go to Anisacate for a baptismal interview. It`s a super pretty foresty area, me a cook were trying to cross this big river and i definately fell in and got one of my legs soaked. I looked pretty rediculous with one bare food holding my shoe and sock in hand trying to wave down a bus.. But super fun.

So we have been working with this super kid named Mariano, his mom was baptised like 8 years ago and he has been really hesitant about getting baptised but something changed and he because super ready. God works in so many ways we cannot see. He`s so humble and his baptism was so special. Love him a ton, he`s gonna go on to do some great things.

I love this ward, honestly there are some amazing members, with such strong testimonies! So excited to get to work with them. Love all of you guys, and i want you to really focus on your families this week. Try to do something special and just spend more time with them. Families are so important, i love mine so much. Have a great week!!


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