September 26, 2017




​This week was a really good week. So transfers hit and i`ll how be serving in the area of Jose Ignacio Diaz​ which is in the Southern part of Cordoba, i`m honestly so excited. Also i`ll be serving with Elder Cook, an animal of a missionary, really looking forward to my time here, getting to know all the people and serving.

Leaving Los Boulevares was really hard, the people there really are incredible and i`m so grateful for everything that happened there. Honestly i hate having to leave areas, it always pulls so much on my heart. But its also a good feeling knowing i served well and did what god wanted me to do. I`m gonna miss it but also i fulfilled my purpose there.

Good news, Arian, Claudia`s son is gonna be getting baptised this sunday! Love their family. So we have been helping these super cool kids from the area, theyre both so cool and play music but like really good indie music. Got too jam with them for a bit, guess i went too hard because i broke a guitar string... went to drums after that haha.

One of the coolest things about life is all the opportunities we get to learn. Wether they be hard or easy (most of the time hard). But really its such a cool blessing and we need to make sure to always be progressing.

Love you guys so much, make sure to watch conference. And do it with a question in mind. Have a sick week!

-Elder Christensen


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