October 8, 2019


Santa Rosa, Copán, Honduras (Dolores Branch)


Elder Pérez

Ya hace frío

Hey everybody how's it going? So i don't have much time but just wanted to update you all that I'm doing awesome! I'm in the small town of Santa Rosa, in the Copán area and it's absolutely amazing! It is gorgeous here. Just imagine tons of lush hills covered in jungle and you have an idea of what it looks like here. I will upload some photos next week. I'm not sure why but the weather here is amazing. It is way cooler than San Pedro. I've actually been cold a couple of times here which is crazy!! Last night I actually broke out the one lightweight sweater that I have and wore it to bed. It is such a nice change! So the big news is that our President decided it was time to split the Copán area into two different zones. I am opening up the newly formed Santa Rosa zone. I'm the new zone leader. This time it is a little different because I'm the only zone leader here.
Usually my companion would also be a zone leader. That is not the case for now . I am probably going to get another companion in the next couple of weeks and I will train him to be the Zone leader here. We got to play soccer together as a zone today which was super fun. I am actually spending the night tonight in another area. Tomorrow morning we have the Mission Leadership Conference. My new area is really deep in the mission. Depending on the bus it is a 4 or so hour drive back into San Pedro Sula. Since we need to be at the conference early tomorrow morning we spent all afternoon today traveling back towards San Pedro. I'm bunking tonight with some of the other zone leaders and we will get up early tomorrow and travel the last hour back into San Pedro. My zone is part of the Copán District. Copán is not a stake and there are no wards out here. Just some branches. I'm so happy to be out here and I'm so grateful for the Lord and His mercy towards me. We have some amazing people and families that we are teaching. It was absolutely amazing to find people who are willing to listen to our message. It is so different from my last two areas where we really sttruggled to find people willing to listen. My favorite hymn from the conference was, The Lord is my Light. He truly is our light. Conference was awesome and I know that our covenants bring us back home. Love you all and have a great week!
Elder Ludlow


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