August 13, 2019


San Pedro Sula, Cortés, Honduras (Las Brisas Ward)


Elder Pérez

Doing things differently

Hey everyone! It was a pretty good week this week! We went to almost all of the missionary houses in our zone to start doing house inspections. Let me tell you, there's a lot of work to do in order to get these houses clean haha! But it will be awesome to have the houses looking better and I know we will feel the Spirit more when they are clean. Still a work in progress.

We are teaching someone named Nuvia Ortiz and she is awesome! She is progressing a lot and is experiencing changes in her life. She needs to get married to her boyfriend. She was really worried that when she told him that he would say no. But we saw a small miracle as he said yes! We also have been able to involve the members and this is helping a lot. We're helping her to prepare for her baptism at the end of this month. Please pray for her! my companion and I made a plan to visit the members this week and pray for them and it´s helping us a lot to gain their trust. We're finding small ways to serve the members of our ward and love them and we know that this will help them to trust in us with their friends so that we can share the gospel with them. We are starting to see progress!

My favorite quote this week has been from our new mission president. He said in essence, "In order to have DIFFERENT results you should do things DIFFERENTLY." It's so true! If we don't try to change up how we do things to have different results it's always going to be the same. If we're not having success and we keep doing the same thing we will still not have success. We must do things differently to have different results. My companion and I applied this this week and it's helping us a ton to have different results.

The other day I saw probably the biggest lightning bolt of my entire life. I nearly jumped out of my skin haha. It was HUGE and afterwards there were sparks shooting out everywhere. I almost thought tha someone had set off a ton of fireworks. But it was just a super powerful lightning bolt! Every day we have huge thunderstorms that roll through so we've been seeing some pretty spectacular lightning. Unfortunately, the rain does nothin to diminish the heat. It's been super, super hot as always. So we are basically soaked and sweaty all of the have to love living in basically a jungle. We played soccer today with the zone and with another zone in Valle de Sula and it was super fun.

I'm loving the mission! I know that Jesus is the Christ and that through Him we can live with our families forever. Have a good week!

Elder Ludlow


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