May 28, 2019


Choloma, Cortes, Honduras (Choloma Ward)


Elder Fontes

Me Quedo!

ME QUEDO! I'm staying! Well transfers came and I'm staying here in Choloma for at least another 6 weeks. Exciting but crazy and I was definitely not expecting it. I thought for sure that I would have transfers but I'll be here in Choloma another change. This is actually a really good thing. We're hoping to see a lot of success this change with the help of the Lord. I'm so excited to work hard in this part of the Lord's vineyard. Things will finally be going back to normal. These last few weeks we were zone leaders, district leaders, and trainers all at the same time, which was kind of crazy. We were also in a threesome and we were covering three areas. But now everything is going back to normal and we'll only be working in our area again which is a relief haha.

We had a good week this week with lots of people to teach and now we're receiving a lot of help from the Lord. We have quite a few families that we are teaching and we're hoping to see them accept the gospel and feel the Spirit change their lives. We had a lot of people come to church this week which was a miracle because it has been hard lately helping people come to church. We have also received some additional help from the members of the Ward which has been really nice. We feel it has been another great blessing from the Lord.

We had a cool experience this week with a family that we are teaching, the Estrada Family. They have been listening to our message this last week. They have 5 kids and kind of a crazy life with work schedules. But they are so friendly and they have lots of questions about the church. This last Thursday, we were talking to them about how the gospel blesses families and we felt impressed to talk about the importance of family prayer. We read with them in 3 Nephi 18:18-21 which talks about the importance of praying to the Father in our families. At the end of the discussion we asked them if we could offer a kneeling family prayer with their family. The father and their family knelt down with us and the father offered the prayer. He prayed for about 20 minutes. He begged the Lord to bless his family to be more united. And he thanked the Lord for sending us to his home to preach the gospel. It was such a spiritual moment. I already feel so much love for this family.

Everything is going well and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be here serving the Lord. Thanks for all your love and support. Have a great week!

Elder Ludlow


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