September 3, 2018


San Marcos, Ocotepeque, Honduras (San Marcos Branch)


Elder Gimenez

Hambre y Sed de Rectitud

Hola! Fue super difícil ir dos semanas sin escribir pero estoy agradecido por la oportunidad a escribir otra vez esta semana. I don't even know where to start haha with 2 weeks of not writing I can't remember much of what happened two weeks ago! Everything is going well in San Marcos - we're alive and well! Last week we couldn't write because the power went out and when it came back the internet didn't work. This week once again there wasn't power and so we had to ask permission to come to San Pedro Sula to write. So we left early and traveled here to the city so we can write. We're actually having a lot of success in San Marcos and we're preparing to see some of God's children enter into the waters of baptism on September 15th. It will be a beautiful experience. We also have a mission tour this week. One of our general authorities, Elder Zabellos, is going to be visiting us on Thursday and we will have a conference with him. The super scary part is that I'll be playing the piano for the entire conference. You could say I'm a bit nervous haha. Please keep me in your prayers. It will be a super cool experience to learn from Elder Zabellos and learn ways to improve as missionaries!

Something funny about the people here in Honduras is that they use a lot of words in English and end up speaking Spanglish instead of Spanish. I love it haha it's super funny. For example the other day we were with a new investigator that we're teaching and we asked her to offer the closing prayer. She said she wasn't sure exactly how and so we taught her the steps to pray and we showed her in the pamphlet the steps to pray. When she saw the box that showed the steps she said, "Que cute!" and I was like "what?!! haha" it was super funny. She basically said "How cute" but she used the English word cute. She then told us that she also loves to use the word "heavy" and so I thought it was super cool. A lot of people here also use the word "money" instead of saying the word in Spanish. There are a lot of words that people just say in English with a Spanish accent. But it's awesome, I love it.

This week we have been preparing people for their baptism. Hermana Karla Turjios is super close! She has a great desire to keep the commandments and serve God and she's excited to make a covenant with God to serve him. Something that has really helped with her has been the members in the branch who have been visiting her with us. That´s been awesome. We have her baptism scheduled for the 15th of September. Hermano José Ramires is also progressing. He has had a rough couple of weeks but he wants to come unto Christ and we're hoping to help him and see his testimony grow even more this week. We also have his baptism planned for the 15th of September. We have plans to help Hermana María and Ramires to get married so that they can also make the covenant of baptism. Hermana Jeymi Claros is a daughter of a less active family who is also preparing to get baptized and we're excited to be teaching her as well. I know that the Lord is helping us and missionaries around the world in our efforts to bring others unto Christ and it is such a blessing to be a part of this work.

We've had many spiritual experiences these past two weeks and the Spirit of the Lord has been guiding us. Almost two weeks ago we had exchanges with the zone leaders and I spent the day with Elder Rodriguez. He helped me to understand the importance of pondering. It's something that I've been trying to apply here with my personal study of the gospel and it's been a rewarding experience. Reading the scriptures and focusing on the words that are used and pondering and thinking about what it means helps us to find greater understanding and it gives us the desire to improve and apply what we're learning. The other day while reading Jesus´ sermon to the Nephites he told them that "blessed were those who did hunger and thirst after righteousness". I thought a lot about what does it mean to hunger and thirst after righteousness and I came to the conclusion that it means more than to simply want to be righteous. Our bodies have a need for food and drink and our spirit has a need for righteousness. Also when we're hungry and thirsty it's hard to think about anything else. We just think about food or drinking super cold water. We should be the same with righteousness. It's been rewarding to ponder more on what I've been reading and learning. I want to testify that the Book of Mormon, the Bible, and other modern day scripture has been written for our benefit. We live in the final dispensation of the fullness of times and we have the amazing blessing to have access to all of the scriptures. It's an amazing blessing to have them to read, search, and ponder. We can and should always pray about what we read to receive a testimony of its truthfulness.

I'm loving it here in the mission and especially here in San Marcos. In two weeks we have transfers and we're not sure who's going to leave. Most likely I will be leaving. That is hard for me to think about because I love the people here in San Marcos. We'll just have to see what happens in two weeks. I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve and I know that the gospel has been fully restored and that Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer. I love you all so much and thanks for your support! Have a great week!

Elder Ludlow


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