August 20, 2018


San Marcos, Ocotepeque, Honduras (San Marcos Branch)


Elder Gimenez

Preparing Angels

Hola que tal cómo están?! Espero que todos se encuentren felices y con salud. Esta semana fue una semana exitosa y estamos viendo las bendiciones del Señor aquí en San Marcos. Yo sé que Dios nos ama a todos y que contesta nuestras oraciones. Luego voy a contar una experiencia que tuvimos esta semana cuando Dios contestó nuestra oración. Everything is going well here in San Marcos! I can't believe that there's less than a month left until I finish training Elder Gimenez. We've become amazing friends and we have found joy serving together in Heavenly Father's kingdom. He's starting to teach me a bit of "Guaraní" which is Paraguay's second language so that's been pretty cool. Now in the house we're speaking in English to help him to learn faster. The cool thing is that it's working. He can now say a prayer in English! We've grown together as companions and learned a lot from each other and it makes me sad to know that in less than a month we'll have different companions.

This week we had companion exchanges with the
other elders in our district from Naco. I worked with Elder Olivo from the Dominican Republic and he is super cool. I learned a lot from his teaching style and I'm excited to apply what I learned. Also while on exchanges we made some major progress with our investigators. Elder Olivo and I were able to have an amazing lesson with Karla Turjios about Recognizing the Holy Ghost, and we were able to set a baptismal date with her for the 8th of September. Elder Gimenez and his companion for the day were able to put three baptismal dates with La Familia Ramires and José Ramires also for September 8th which is exciting. Now we have to work hard to help them to be able to reach this goal. This week we also made an increased effort to have members in our lessons and this has helped so much. There is nothing like the confirming testimony of a member to help the people we are teaching to feel the spirit, support, and an increased desire to come unto Christ.

This week I was thinking a bit about a few verses in the book of Alma in the Book of Mormon. In Chapter 13 verses 22-24 Alma talks about how angels declare the gospel to all nations and in verse 24 he says that angels are currently declaring the gospel to many in this land to prepare their hearts to recieve the word of God. On Saturday morning before leaving the house, we faithfully said a humble prayer asking God to help us find the people that have been prepared by his angels to recieve the restored gospel. Later that day our prayer was answered. We had an appointment scheduled with a new investigator that we are teaching named Jeison. When we arrived, there was a man sitting outside of the house. He identified himself as Jeison´s father and told us that Jeison had a few errands to run that day and that he would not be able to meet with us. But then he kindly invited us to take a seat and that he would listen to us. Jeison´s father, Román, then started to ask us questions about the church and doubts that he had always had. We proceeded to answer all of his questions and doubts and we taught him about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He was very receptive and he thoroughly enjoyed our visit. He works as a fireman in San Pedro Sula and he is only in San Marcos on the weekends, but we scheduled another appointment to visit him this Saturday. I felt a strong impression afterwards that the Lord had put Román in our path and had answered our prayer. It didn't end there. Later in the day we were on our way to an appointment when two college students started talking to us. They had talked to missionaries before and were super nice. We also were able to set an appointment with them. It was amazing to find people that have been prepared by angels to receive the gospel. My testimony was strengthened that God really does answer prayers and that angels are real and they are preparing people to recieve the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I invite all of you to search for the people that angels are preparing to recieve the gospel. You might not have to go too far to look. Everyone needs this gospel in their lives because it is the only way to salvation. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be a missionary and do the Lord´s work and I'm thankful for everything that I'm learning. I love you all so much and thank you for your love and support! Have a great week!

Elder Ludlow


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