July 23, 2018


San Marcos, Ocotepeque, Honduras (San Marcos Branch)


Elder Gimenez

La Cuarta Nefita

Hey Que Hay! Una semana super buena con un milagro muy maravilloso! También muchas de las personas a las que estamos enseñando están progresando! This week was a really cool week and we're seeing miracles here in San Marcos. On Tuesday we had Divisions with our Zone Leaders which went well. We went to their area which is pretty close to San Pedro Sula. Almost all of the appointments fell through but I learned a lot from my zone leader Elder Carreón. The house they have in their area is huge! And there are four missionaries who live there. One of them is my last companion, Elder Carranza so it was cool to see him again.

Here is some more info about the area here in San Marcos. People that are from San Marcos are named "San Marqueños" and I thought that was really funny. The area here is a bit more remote and the weather is really different out here. It's really really hot in the morning and in the afternoon but then it cools down a bit at night and it usually rains. It is a little tough on P-days because we are too far away from any other missionaries to get together and there honestly is just not a lot to do out here. The area itself and the people are really cool though.

I want to explain the title to this email. "La Cuarta Nefita" translates as "The Fourth Nephite." As we read in the Book of Mormon account, three of the chosen apostles of Jesus Christ in the Americas chose to never taste of death but to remain on Earth continually helping people to come unto Christ. So on the way back from divisions we got on a rapidito (bus) heading for San Marcos. When the Ayudante, or the person that opens the door and charges the passengers, was taking money from everyone, I took out my forty lempiras to pay and he told me "The lady in front already paid for you." You can imagine the surprise and confusion in my face when he said that. We weren't sure who the lady was until twenty minutes later in the bus ride when she moved seats to introduce herself. Her name is Odilia Ortiz and she's originally from San Marcos, Honduras but now she lives in Houston, Texas. She is a member of the church and she was on vacation to visit family that she had in San Marcos. We got to know her a bit more on the rapidito and she told us that she'd like for us to go with her to visit some less active families in San Marcos. When we got to San Marcos we got off to drop off our things in the house and go to eat lunch. After lunch we got a call from this same lady Hermana Ortiz. She asked us to come to visit some of the family that she has in San Marcos. We went right away to the house and got to know her niece, Rebecca and her husband Victor and their kids. Only Rebecca is a member of the church but she has been inactive for many years. None of her kids nor her husband have gone to church or know much about it. When we got there, Hermana Ortiz began to talk to them and explain who we were as missionaries and what we do. She then shared the Book of Mormon story of Alma and Amulek as two missionaries and the consequence of the people of Ammoniah who were destroyed for denying the word of God and she invited them to open up their hearts. It sounds a bit direct but it was super spiritual. We then testified of the truthfulness of her words. It came to my mind that this sister, Hermana Ortiz was an angel that had come to help Elder Gimenez and I to find this family. It was truly amazing. We were able to get to know the family a bit more this week and serve them. On Sunday Victor, Rebecca's husband came to church with the youngest of their three daughters Brittany and it was amazing! Victor enjoyed the meeting and he stayed for the second hour and participated a lot in the Gospel Principles class. It was all truly amazing! As for Odilia Ortiz, she simply disappeared. We never got to see her again. Elder Gimenez and I were talking about her and the miracle that had occured with her helping us to find this family and he later jokingly pronounced her to be "The Fourth Nephite" which I thought was really funny. But I truly am grateful for God and the miracles that happen in our lives. She really was an angel sent to help us with the work here in San Marcos. I know that it wasn't a coincidence that we met Hermana Ortiz on that bus. I've been thinking this week about Mormon's words in Moroni 7:27-30 as Mormon asks, "Has the day of miracles ceased?" He anwers "I say unto you nay" and he goes on to testify of faith and miracles. I too with Mormon testify of miracles and that they still happen. I believe in angels and that they are preparing the hearts of the children of men to receive the gospel (Alma 13:24) We are truly blessed for miracles.

We're seeing a lot of progress with the people that we are teaching:

José Mejia: He is progressing a lot and he hasn't drank alchol for more than two weeks! He came to church this Sunday and is reading in the Book of Mormon and praying. We are now trying to help him to gain more of a personal testimony of the Book of Mormon and the restoration. His baptism is scheduled for August 4th!

Familia Ramires; They are also progressing a lot! María and Reinaldo are both praying and doing all they can to come to church. We need to work with them to be able to get married but everything is going pretty well. We found out this week that they also drink a lot of coffee but we're trusting in the Lord to be able to help them to stop drinking it!

Lucy: We've actually seen a lot of changes with Lucy and her situation is improving a lot. She had a dream the other week that she got baptized and that we were there at the baptism and now we're helping her to understand the importance of the commandments. We actually had a really spiritual experience with her yesterday as we were reading Alma 34:30-41. As we read, we switched the names in the scripture verses with her name and it really helped her to understand. We challenged her to baptism and we put a temporary date for the 4th of August as well. She said that she needs to think about it. We're praying for her.

La Familia Altamirano: This is the family that Hermana Ortiz helped us to find and we have an appointment with them tomorrow. I am super excited to share the restored gospel with this family! Victor and Brittany came to church yesterday and loved it!

I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be out on a mission and the amazing blessings and miracles I've seen of the Lord. I have to leave soon to go do a baptismal interview for 5 baptismal candidates for elders in my district but I'm so grateful for all of your love and support and have a great week!

Elder Ludlow


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