May 28, 2018


San Pedro Sula, Cortes, Honduras


Elder Acajabón

Do you sell your hair?

Que tal?! Ahorrita estoy en San Pedro Sula y me gusta bastante, este área es super macizo. No sabemos si voy a quedarme aqui o no pero sé que el Señor me está guiando. So ya this week has actually been super awesome! So last Monday I got put into a trio with two elders; Elder Acajabón from Guatemala, and Elder Corry from Layton, Utah. They are both super cool and hard workers which has been awesome. We are assigned to the area San Pedro Sula 2nd Ward. So we're basically working in the middle of San Pedro which is super crazy and cool. I didn't think I would like San Pedro but boy was I wrong. I love it here. It's amazing. Elder Acajabón and Elder Corry are currently opening the area down here so they've had to kind of restart but we've had a lot of help from the ward. That's the other thing about this area is that the ward is super super cool and helpful. Everyone knows why they are there and they all want to work super hard and give us references and it's just awesome. Our bishop is this really cool young dude who also wants to work super hard. And the ward mission leader is even better. He is the coolest. He is super energetic and super positive and willing to help us with everything he can. We're constantly receiving references and there is just a lot of potential in this ward.

Next I want to talk about the house we live in down here. It's amazing. Like such a massive step up from my last two houses haha. I was so blown away when I walked in last Monday. There's water down here all day which is awesome and our house has two showers! Yes TWO showers! And it's about twice the size of my last house so it's been cool to stay in this house for the last week haha. It feels like I'm on vacation. And actually we had divisions with the zone leaders this last week and we stayed the night in their house last Tuesday night and they have AC in their house. Crazy!

It's just so different here in San Pedro. The difference between this area and my last two areas is super drastic. This area feels kind of like it's in the states apart from the language and parts of the culture. There's a ton of fast food places like Wendy's, Carls Jr., Burger King, KFC, and Pizza Hut and more. And the fast food places down here are way better than those in the U.S. haha. Like the Carls Jr. down here is crazy. It's two story and it's like a restaurant. It's super crazy haha. And I don't know if it just tastes super good because it's in Honduras or what. But the downside is that it's super expensive to buy dinner down here and in this area we don't have dinner from members so we have to buy our food which is kind of rough because it costs a lot almost everywhere.

Transportation down here is run on a system of buses. Sometimes to get places we have to take like two or three different buses to get there. The other thing though is that a lot of the members down here have cars. It was pretty crazy to have a member drive us to one of our appointments today. It felt like we were in the states haha. The hard part is that our area is way too big to just walk everywhere. We also have a part of our area called "Gracias a Dios" and it's in the mountain. I haven't climbed up to the extreme parts of "Gracias a Dios" yet but I'm excited to if I ever get the opportunity.

The only sad thing is that I might not be staying in this area. I still haven't unpacked my bags because President Bush told me not to unpack yet. So tomorrow I've been told that I might be leaving. It would be really hard for me because I really like this area and I'm just starting to get used to it and I'm excited to work with the ward and our ward mission leaders and my companions and everything here but I might get sent somewhere else. I know that the Lord will guide me to where I'm meant to go and so I'm trying to trust in him.

Like I was saying we had divisions on Tuesday with our zone leaders here in San Pedro. Elder Delgado is from Guatemala and Elder Tower is from Seattle Washington. Elder Tower is super super cool. I'm glad I had the chance to meet him. He has really really red hair and he's super gringo but he talks like he's lived in Honduras his whole life. When I first talked to him he spoke Spanish and his accent was so good I questioned myself if he was actually a gringo or not. I'm hoping that my Spanish gets to that point too. We also had our zone conference on Friday which was cool! We talked about how we can better work with members and ward leaders to carry out the Lord's work.

This week we had a funny experience in Gracias a Dios. We were walking in the main street in Gracias a Dios and a less active member we hadn't met came up and greeted us and started talking to us. He then wanted to see what our names were. When he got to me he just looked up at my hair and asked, "Vende su pelo?" or "Do you sell your hair?" and I responded laughing, "No no vendo mi pelo jaja" and he started laughing too. Not really sure why he asked but it was funny. So if you have blonde hair to sell there's a guy down here in San Pedro willing to buy it.

I'd just like to talk about two of the investigators that we visited this week. Their names are Tatiana and Victoria and they are sisters. Tatiana is 14 years old and Victoria is 9 years old. Right now they are living with a member in the ward who runs a daycare because their mom left them to go to the U.S. It was really hard to hear about that and it's been really hard on these two young girls. But we had a cool experience teaching them this week about how they can come closer to God. Victoria told us that she wants to get baptized and she's reading in the Book of Mormon. Tatiana still isn't sure and she told us that she's not sure if God truly knows her and loves her. So we're really praying for her and hoping that she can come to know that God loves her. Please keep these two girls in your prayers as they're passing a hard time without their parents being there for them.

We had a really spiritual experience yesterday after church when we visited a less active member that the bishop told us about. Her name is Dilsia and yesterday we had a brief visit with her. She told us that now it's hard for her to come to church because she works late on Saturday nights and then on Sunday she has a lot going on. We were planning on teaching her about the Sabbath day and keeping it holy but then the scripture Mosiah 3:19 came into my mind. I felt weird sharing it because I thought the scripture would be harsh but I decided to follow the prompting to share it and I felt the spirit as I did. We testified about how we can overcome the natural man. She then told us that she has failed God by not coming to Church. And Elder Corry being guided also by the spirit shared the scripture D&C 18:13 about how the Lord is filled with joy when we repent. We talked about how she can change and make the decision to come to church. The spirit was so strong during the lesson and in the end she said, "Ahora es el tiempo para volver." or "Now is the time to come back to church." It was such a powerful moment electrified by the Spirit. I know that when we follow the promptings of the spirit that we will always be guided to do what is right.

Anyways it has been an amazing week and I'm excited to see what the Lord has in store for me. Love you all and have a great week! And happy Memorial Day!

Elder Ludlow


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